In a dynamic fusion of age-old craftsmanship and contemporary marketing, the Los Angeles Home of Rugs has partnered with LTK Creators to introduce the timeless beauty of Persian rugs to a discerning global audience. This collaboration promises to transform how shoppers discover, appreciate, and acquire these exquisite pieces, leveraging the unique strengths of both the brand and the creative influencers at LTK.

The Essence of Brands in LTK's Ecosystem

Brands like the Los Angeles Home of Rugs are the vibrant colors on the LTK Creator's canvas, each piece carefully chosen to resonate with the audience's aesthetic and practical needs. Through LTK's robust platform, these rugs are not just presented as commodities but as integral elements of home decor that speak to the shopper’s sense of style and sophistication. The collaboration ensures that each Persian rug is showcased in a way that highlights its intricate design, cultural heritage, and the superior craftsmanship that goes into its creation.

The Heartbeat of Authentic Inspiration

Central to LTK’s mission are its Creators, who play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between brands and shoppers. By integrating Persian rugs into their curated content, these influencers provide genuine, relatable insights into how these beautiful pieces can enhance everyday living spaces. They demonstrate the fit, function, and value of the rugs, instilling purchase confidence among their followers. Through their authentic storytelling and personal endorsements, LTK Creators turn the act of buying a rug into a journey of cultural appreciation and interior design innovation.

A Revolutionized Buying Experience

LTK has revolutionized the way shoppers engage with products, and this collaboration with the Los Angeles Home of Rugs is a perfect example. The synergy between Creators and Brands results in meticulously curated content that makes the shopping process more engaging and efficient. For shoppers, this means accessing a wealth of inspiration and practical advice on integrating Persian rugs into their homes, all from the convenience of platforms they already use and trust.

The Strategic Synergy

This partnership offers more than just beautiful rugs; it provides end-to-end strategic guidance and insightful data to drive maximum impact. The Los Angeles Home of Rugs benefits from LTK’s expertise in content strategy and audience engagement, ensuring that each campaign is tailored to resonate deeply with potential buyers. Detailed analytics offer a clear view of market trends and shopper behavior, allowing for continuous optimization and enhanced results.

The collaboration between the Los Angeles Home of Rugs and LTK Creators exemplifies how traditional craftsmanship can find new life through modern marketing channels. By combining the authentic appeal of Persian rugs with the creative power of influencers, this partnership not only highlights the timeless elegance of these pieces but also redefines the shopping experience. For the discerning buyer, this means more than just a purchase; it’s an opportunity to bring a piece of history and art into their home, guided by trusted voices in the world of interior design.

As the Los Angeles Home of Rugs and LTK Creators continue to innovate and inspire, shoppers can look forward to a seamless, enriched journey from inspiration to acquisition, making the timeless elegance of Persian rugs an accessible luxury for homes around the world. 

LTK Creators:

Walter Reece
Coastal North Carolina, Interior Design & High End DIY: Sources & Inspiration. European Style Interiors Magic & Timeless Materials.

"Sometimes you learn something that changes your behavior:
I used to shop rug sites and wait for the SUPER sale to buy carpets. I used to RUSH. Because I wanted it DONE, and beautiful, and COMPLETE right now.
We have a lot of wood floor square footage and we had a lot of spaces to fill so I bought a whole bunch of rugs that I wouldn’t buy now because I simply didn’t know any better.
I want you to go to stories so I can show you what I’m talking about.
We are trying so hard to get plastic out of our lives: and it turns out that MANY of the new carpets people buy from discount places are polyester which is essentially plastic.
And then there’s all of the chemical treatments. It’s heartbreaking to think about how long I didn’t know about this. And honestly, I’d been looking for the right rug for our banquette space since we finished it.
I’m SO glad that we waited.
This gorgeous rug that we found is ABSOLUTELY breathtaking.
It’s a hand-knotted vintage Persian rug from a company that ONLY deals in vintage and antique cotton and wool rugs.
And I can honestly say: I already knew that we wanted to make this change but NOW: I’ve officially been converted to team: cotton & wool + vintage.
We’re linking some of our other favorites from their site in stories.
You can find all of these on our LTK shop at:"

Ellen Fleckenstein
Helping you source furniture and decor accents for your home. Curated by professional interior designer, Ellen Fleckenstein… All my favorite finds!

“Help! I got this rug for the mudroom but it looks good everywhere and now I can’t decide where it’ll go.
▪️It is so easy for me to make these decisions for other people but when it comes to my own home I get fickle! Isn’t that always the way?
▪️I know one thing… at least I LOVE it. This beautiful authentic Saveh Persian rug is from @los.angeles.home.of.rugs (one of my favorite haunts for quality vintage rugs).
▪️Since they’re all one-of-a-kind, I’ll add some others I love to a post on LTK for you guys! And if you’re not following me on LTK… girrrl, whats stopping you?! I’ll be posting more and more finds and design staples there as I go. Sometimes I’ll even post secret project finds! Go to and search ellenfleckinteriors! @shop.ltk
▪️Don’t miss a post! For more daily interior design inspiration and insider home decorating tips, follow @ellenfleckinteriors” 

Airica Puckett
Lifestyle influencer Fashion styling | decorating our home | recipes | everyday finds | motherhood living

I wanted to try out a new rug in the kitchen & knew I needed one with pops of navy in it to match our island. This one from @los.angeles.home.of.rugs is perfect and their attention to detail is amazing. You can shop this one and other rugs in my @shop.ltk.