1' 4'' x 1' 4'' Ardabil Authentic Persian Hand Knotted Pillow Rug - 113008

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Collection: Ardabil Rug.
Age: 40-60 Years (Semi Antique).
Size FT: 1' 4'' x 1' 4'' .
Size CM: 40 cm x 40 cm.
Colors: Turquoise, White, Cream, Navy Blue, Green.
Material: 100% Natural Wool and Cotton.
Has fringe.

Cushions and Pillows
Our cushions and pillows are crafted from vintage and authentic Persian rugs! We take vintage Persian rugs, cut them into various sizes, and breathe new life into them before sending them to you. This way, the beautiful and eye-catching patterns of these rugs won't be lost in the hustle and bustle of our cities. Due to various reasons, the art of hand-weaving these rugs has declined, and these beautiful designs are slowly disappearing.
The warp and weft of Persian handwoven rugs are intertwined with love and mystery. Among these, one of the most beautiful and imaginative handwoven creations is the nomadic rug. The unique social and economic structure of the nomadic tribes is the main distinguishing feature of their handwoven rugs compared to other Persian rugs.
Nomadic weavers do not follow a specific pattern when weaving their rugs. Instead, they create designs and patterns from memory. Even nomads who spend most of the year in one place weave their rugs using the same technique. The surplus rugs made by the family are sold in nearby markets under the name of the tribe that wove them.
Cushions made from rug and kilim pieces carry the culture and art of different regions of Persia, each with its own sweet and bitter stories. By owning these cushions made from hand-knotted rug and handwoven kilim pieces, you are taking a step towards preserving Persia's cultural heritage, as many of these patterns may never be woven again by any weaver.
The intact and high-quality parts of these vintage hand-knotted rugs are washed and sewn into cushions. The rug cushions are filled with shredded memory foam, and all cushions have a zippered back.

Original name: Ardabil Rug.
Alternative name(s): Ardabil Carpet, Ardebil Rug.
Origin: Ardabil.
Category: Village, City.
Common designs: Medallion, Herati, Geometric.
Dyeing method: Natural, Synthetic.
Pile material: Wool, Silk.
Foundation material: Cotton.
Knot type: Symmetrical (Ghiordes), Asymmetrical (Persian).

At Los Angeles Home of Rugs, we are delighted to offer you a wide selection of authentic Persian rugs. We only stock hand knotted rugs that are not machine made, or handmade rugs through a variety of techniques, including hand-tufting, hand-hooking, or hand-weaving. This ensures that you receive a unique and high-quality product that will last for years to come. Read More

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