Journey into the World of Qashqai Weaving

Los Angeles Home of Rugs on May 9th 2024

The Qashqai tribe is one of the prominent tribes in Persia, residing in various regions of the Fars province. This geographical diversity has led to variations in the type and design of their handwoven crafts. However, generally, the fibers used in Qashqai rugs and Kilims are sourced from sheep's wool gathered in the months of April and May. The wool is washed in river water and then skillfully woven by talented artisans.

Qashqai rugs & Kilims represent one of the many traditional Persian carpets, woven by the skilled and compassionate people of the Qashqai tribe since ancient times. These carpets have always had their devoted admirers, with enthusiasts of Qashqai rugs using them in various parts of their homes. Besides their functionality, Qashqai rugs boast a unique beauty. Let's delve into the features, types, and patterns of these rugs.

Kilims are a type of flat-weave carpet without pile, considered among the world's first carpets. The history of carpet weaving dates back to the time when humans settled in one place and engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. During that era, wool and fiber threads were spun, allowing people to weave clothes and carpets. Thus, the world's first carpets were produced.

Qashqai rugs stand out as one of the most renowned types of rugs produced in Persia, exported worldwide, owing to the artistry of Qashqai weavers. The Qashqai tribe is considered one of the major tribes in Persia, with most of them residing in the Fars province.

Apart from the artistry of Qashqai weavers, the diversity in designs, professional coloring, and flawless weaving are other crucial factors that have inspired people to purchase these rugs.

What are the characteristics of Qashqai rugs and kilims?

1- Lightweight: One of the most important features of Qashqai rugs is their lightweight nature, due to the use of natural fibers and knotless warps.

2- Wool and Fiber Usage: Qashqai rugs are solely woven with wool and fiber. While most Iranian rugs are made only with wool, and in some regions in India, silk is used instead of wool, Qashqai rugs remain unique in their material usage.

3- High Color Variety: The colors used in these traditional rugs are vibrant and lively. Contrasting colors are often used in their weaving to enhance their beauty.

4- Use of Natural Colors: Natural colors are used for dyeing the threads in Qashqai rugs. These colors are generally warm and bright, with fewer dark tones used in Qashqai rugs overall.

5- Unique Patterns: Qashqai rugs are characterized by their distinct patterns, which often include geometric shapes, images of animals, or flowers alongside border motifs, all woven mentally. In most cases, the central pattern of Qashqai rugs is woven with an orange color and small border patterns.

6- Various Applications: Interestingly, in ancient times, carpets were not only used as rugs but also as wall coverings and to protect their animals. Even today, these rugs have various applications beyond just being floor coverings.

7- Horizontal Looms: Qashqai rugs are woven on horizontal looms, facilitating easy movement of their homes. However, weaving carpets on horizontal looms is more challenging than vertical looms, leading to the decreasing popularity of horizontal loom rugs.

Currently, various patterns of Qashqai rugs are available in the market. As mentioned, these rugs are woven mentally, and weavers draw inspiration from their surroundings to create patterns.

In general, Qashqai rugs feature numerous patterns, including geometric shapes like eight-pointed stars and various polygons such as half-moons, four-pointed stars, and hexagons. Additionally, animal motifs like mountain goats, symbolizing fertility, and peacocks, symbolizing abundance of the land, are common. Other motifs include elements from the surroundings like vines, Chaghalehs (a type of bird), men, and Lachak (a type of tree). Symmetrical repetition of a pattern on the left and right sides, along with contrasting coloring, is also typical in Qashqai rugs.